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Each project has a stripboard (or pcb) layout plus extra instructions if necessary. Projects instructions are also available as PDF documents for easy printing.

Kits for all the Electronics Club projects are available from and I recommend buying these because you will be sure to have the correct parts.


The Electronics Club projects are provided in good faith but no responsibilty is accepted for their accuracy or suitability for any purpose; you use them entirely at your own risk. All the projects have been built and tested to ensure they work but if you find an error please tell me so that I can correct it as soon as possible.

Easy Projects

Suitable for your first project.

Moderate Projects

With one or two ICs.

Harder Projects

With three or more ICs, these require a little experience.

Project kits from Rapid Electronics

These kits are supplied with a PCB making them relatively easy to construct. Component positions are marked on the PCB and this helps to ensure everything is in the right place. For many of the projects you can download the instructions to help decide if the kit is suitable.

For more project ideas try these books:

For beginners I recommend Electronics for Kids because it has clear step-by-step instructions with breadboard or stripboard layouts for the projects and explanations of how they work.