Construction of Electronic Projects


If you are building a published project the type of circuit board will usually have been decided for you. Stripboard and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) require soldering. Breadboard is used for temporary circuits.

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New book: Electronics for Kids

'Electronics for Kids' is a great introduction to electricity and electronics (and not just for kids!). Printed in full colour with many illustrations, it introduces common components with simple but interesting projects to build at each stage. The book starts by assuming no previous knowledge then carefully builds up straightforward explanations of how components work, plus practical techniques including wire-stripping, soldering and using a multimeter.

Highlights include lighting an LED with lemons, using a relay to flash an LED, building a musical instrument, making a sunrise alarm, a colour-guessing game, a secret code checker and the final project uses three ICs to make a great game.

The author, Øyvind Nydal Dahl, has done a great job in providing clear step-by-step instructions with breadboard (or stripboard) layouts as well as circuit diagrams for projects. As Technical Reviewer for the book I've built all the projects myself and I'm very happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and educational introduction to electronics.