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Electronic Components

These pages are intended to help you to identify components, find out their values and learn about their function in circuits.

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If you are new to electronics you may wish to see the page with advice on buying a starter kit of components.

To find out what precautions, if any, need to be taken when soldering components please see the page on soldering. This site also has a table of circuit symbols which includes brief information about the function of each component. You can use the simple tester project to check many of the components.

Studying Electronics

If you are studying electronics and would like to find out how components function in circuits please the Study section.

This includes pages on resistance, Ohm's law, capacitance and transistor circuits.

You can also learn how to use a multimeter to test components.

Need a datasheet for a component?

The Links page lists some Datasheet websites.


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 - Breadboard
 - Stripboard
 - PCB
 - Soldering
 - Tools
 - Workbench

 - Capacitors
 - Connectors
 - Diodes
 - ICs ('Chips')
 - CMOS logic ICs
 - 74 series ICs
 - Lamps
 - LEDs
 - Relays
 - Resistors
 - Switches
 - Transistors
 - Variable Resistors
 - Others
 - Starter Kit

555 Timer IC

 - Block Diagrams
 - Circuit Diagrams
 - Circuit Symbols
 - Electricity/Electron
 - Series & Parallel
 - Voltage & Current
 - Meters
 - Multimeters
 - Resistance
 - Ohm's Law
 - Power & Energy
 - AC & DC Signals
 - Oscilloscopes
 - Power Supplies
 - Transducers
 - Voltage Dividers
 - Transistor Circuits
 - Analogue & Digital
 - Logic Gates
 - Capacitance
 - Impedance
 - Counting
 - Quantities & Units
 - Dummy Alarm
 - Quiz
 - Traffic Light
 - Dice
 - Model Lighthouse
 - Simple Tester
 - Flashing LED
 - Electronic 'Lock'
 - Adjustable Timer
 - Light Alarm
 - Xmas Decoration
 - Railway Signal
 - Level Crossing
 - Lead Tester
 - 'Random' Flasher
 - Heart Badge
 - Valentine Heart

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Kits for Children

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