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This page shows a selection of books about electronics which may be of interest if you are studying electronics or if you are looking for project ideas.

Some books are out of print but you may still be able to buy them from the Amazon links provided.

Books for beginners and school students

These books are suitable for beginners with little or no previous knowledge of electronics.

Books for more advanced students

Reference Books

Learn how to use the integrated circuits covered by these books.

IC 555 Projects
The 555 timer IC is used in many projects and this book thoroughly explains its operation and use. There are many circuit diagrams of projects.

CMOS Cookbook
A valuable reference book which covers the individual 4000 series CMOS ICs and how to use them together in circuits. My copy has fallen apart because I've used it so much!

TTL Cookbook
A valuable reference book which covers the individual 74 series TTL ICs and how to use them together in circuits.

Master IC Cookbook
Technical information on many popular ICs, including the 74 series and 4000 series logic ICs. The book concentrates on the ICs themselves rather than the circuits in which they can be used.

Project Books

All these books are a good source of circuit diagrams for projects but in most cases you will need to design your own stripboard or PCB layout to build the project. Some of these project books explain the operation of their circuits and this can be a good way to learn how they work.


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 - Breadboard
 - Stripboard
 - PCB
 - Soldering
 - Tools
 - Workbench

 - Capacitors
 - Connectors
 - Diodes
 - ICs ('Chips')
 - CMOS logic ICs
 - 74 series ICs
 - Lamps
 - LEDs
 - Relays
 - Resistors
 - Switches
 - Transistors
 - Variable Resistors
 - Others
 - Starter Kit

555 Timer IC

 - Block Diagrams
 - Circuit Diagrams
 - Circuit Symbols
 - Electricity/Electron
 - Series & Parallel
 - Voltage & Current
 - Meters
 - Multimeters
 - Resistance
 - Ohm's Law
 - Power & Energy
 - AC & DC Signals
 - Oscilloscopes
 - Power Supplies
 - Transducers
 - Voltage Dividers
 - Transistor Circuits
 - Analogue & Digital
 - Logic Gates
 - Capacitance
 - Impedance
 - Counting
 - Quantities & Units
 - Dummy Alarm
 - Quiz
 - Traffic Light
 - Dice
 - Model Lighthouse
 - Simple Tester
 - Flashing LED
 - Electronic 'Lock'
 - Adjustable Timer
 - Light Alarm
 - Xmas Decoration
 - Railway Signal
 - Level Crossing
 - Lead Tester
 - 'Random' Flasher
 - Heart Badge
 - Valentine Heart

More Projects

Kits for Children

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