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Electronics Club

Welcome to the Electronics Club

A website for anyone wishing to learn about electronics or build simple projects.
Written for beginners but used by many others as a quick reference.

Soldering iron
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Identify components

Find out how to identify components including resistors, capacitors, diodes, LEDs, transistors and switches.

Build a project

Learn how to solder and build a project. Find out about circuits for the popular 555 timer and try out ideas on breadboard.

Learn the circuit symbols

Become familiar with the circuit symbols and read circuit diagrams.

Study electronics

The large study section explains how circuits work beginning with the basics such as voltage and resistance before moving on to logic gates and counters. Learn how to use a multimeter and an oscilloscope for testing circuits.

Rapid Electronics Rapid Electronics have kindly allowed me to use their images on this website and I am very grateful for their continued support. They stock a wide range of components, tools and materials for electronics and I am happy to recommend them as a supplier for individuals and education. In my experience their standard delivery really is rapid!

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 - Breadboard
 - Stripboard
 - PCB

 - Tools
 - Workbench

 - Capacitors
 - Connectors
 - Diodes
 - ICs ('Chips')
 - CMOS logic ICs
 - 74 series ICs
 - Lamps
 - LEDs
 - Relays
 - Resistors
 - Switches
 - Transistors
 - Variable Resistors
 - Others
 - Starter Kit

555 Timer IC

 - Block Diagrams
 - Circuit Diagrams
 - Circuit Symbols
 - Electricity/Electron
 - Series & Parallel
 - Voltage & Current
 - Meters
 - Multimeters
 - Resistance
 - Ohm's Law
 - Power & Energy
 - AC & DC Signals
 - Oscilloscopes
 - Power Supplies
 - Transducers
 - Voltage Dividers
 - Transistor Circuits
 - Analgoue & Digital
 - Logic Gates
 - Capacitance
 - Impedance
 - Counting
 - Quantities & Units
 - Dummy Alarm
 - Quiz
 - Traffic Light
 - Dice
 - Model Lighthouse
 - Simple Tester
 - Flashing LED
 - Electronic 'Lock'
 - Adjustable Timer
 - Light Alarm
 - Xmas Decoration
 - Railway Signal
 - Level Crossing
 - Lead Tester
 - 'Random' Flasher
 - Heart Badge
 - Valentine Heart

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Electronics Club

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